Kids Kickboxing

Kids Kickboxing St. Louis

“Finally! How Your Child Will Get Off The Couch & Become More Focused”

(And you DON’T have to worry about your child having to fight or get hit by anyone)

        1. Your child will develop unbreakable confidence and stand up against any bully

2. Laser focused with any task

3. The self-discipline needed to reach their peak potential in life

If you want your child to feel great about themselves and confident in life, motivated to get off the couch and really want to exercise, or even if just have fun! Then this is the most important letter you’ll read all year! Here’s why… Because today, sadly our children are becoming more and more obese. There are too many foods & activities that are ruining their young bodies. And we cannot stand by and ruin our children’s chance of a healthy, successful life at such an early stage in their development! We have instructed hundreds of kids in developing their confidence, self-discipline, and using their focus to really reach for the stars.

And I’ve found that the hardest part for any child starting in martial arts… are those initial first group sessions. Where they know absolutely nothing and it can be hard on their confidence when they make mistakes in front of other kids. They need a great start! That’s why I’ve found that just a few personal one-on-one sessions make all the difference. Your child will learn the basics and develop the confidence to show up to group sessions later on (and have so much fun in the process!) Here’s Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What Your Child Will Get with Kickboxing… In their free one-on-one session, your child will learn that it actually is a lot of fun getting off the couch and into an exercise environment. The critical part is helping them through that initial period of doubt in their abilities around other kids. Your child will skip past all of the beginner’s mistakes and learn the basics the right way. They’ll develop their confidence almost instantly… when they start seeing how much fun kickboxing is and that they are learning as fast as other kids around them (once they start group sessions). Your child won’t feel like they are no good around other kids. This is so important that I have to say it again! Getting over that initial feeling of not being good enough (even if it’s there first try!) is critical for developing their confidence in continuing with their training (and other things later in life as well). In our free one-on-one session, your child will safely and confidently learn how to punch and kick a punching bag. Don’t worry, I always put safety first, which is why it’s so important to teach them how to perform these techniques the right way from the beginning. Your child will feel great about themselves… and ready to take on any task at school or in life. Developing confidence and self-discipline at an early age is so priceless!


You can try our school with a FREE one ­on ­one private lesson, and you’ll be shown exactly
what to do and how to do it. With the FREE private lesson, you get a personal analysis with one
of our instructors so you can discuss your desires and goals, and they can show you how they
can help you reach those goals.

We give each person an individualized lesson that is based on their own fitness level, so they
can go at their own pace. This personalized setting helps each person feel comfortable and at
ease, and empowered to attain their goals

  • A personal analysis with one of our instructors so you can discuss your desires & goals.
  • A individualized lesson specifically geared to your fitness level so you will feel comfortable.
  • A specific plan of action designed to help you achieve your goals & empower you to become your personal best.

To register for the free beginners introductory program, please do one of two things right now:

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