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Absolute Martial Arts has already helped scores of people just like you get in kick-butt shape, impress their friends and family, learn MMA and be a part of the #1 MMA program in St Louis Metro (whether they wanted to fight or not). Why not find out what can do for you by giving our proven program a try for absolutely FREE!

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We can prove our program up-and-down and give you examples of happily-involved students' success stories (which you'll see below), but wouldn't you agree the best way to really see if our program will meet your needs is to come see for yourself for absolutely FREE?

We know that all kinds of different people want to train MMA. From people who want to get in the cage and duke it out to people who want to experience the rush of training like a fighter without getting punched in the face. We train competitive MMA fighters and we also train people who want to train for the fun of it without getting into the competitive side.

That's why we offer our initial consultation along with our new student trial. When you see us for the first time, we can sit down with you and really get into your specific, personal needs in order to figure out what would be the best program for you.

Many of our students come to us already knowing exactly what they want to do. But most of them tell us they just want to "give it a try" and see how they like MMA training. Our instructors and program counselors will help you make a well-informed decision so you can rest assured you're doing the right thing for yourself.

Here's more PROOF that our academy is the best MMA school for you to try:
Here's just some of what you'll get out of our proven-successful mixed martial arts (MMA) program:
  • You'll experience the mental and physical 'rush' that comes with MMA training (not only is it exciting, but it's a whole lot of FUN too!)
  • You'll get into kick-butt shape ' and FAST (many of the world's strongest and best-conditioned athletes are MMA fighters ' we'll show you how they do it)
  • You'll develop 'functional muscles' not bulky do-nothing muscles (you'll become a lean, mean, fighting machine and get even STRONGER than you were before ' even if you're a weight lifter ' because you'll build functional muscles by doing 'sport-specific' exercises and drills that make you 'fighting strong')
  • You'll learn a mixed martial arts fighting system with an organized curriculum that takes the 'guess work' out of learning
  • You'll learn the basic fundamental principles and techniques you need to have in order to improve as quickly as possible
  • You'll be in a safe, structured environment ' safety is our #1 concern ' so you won't have to worry about getting injured (you won't even have to spar or get hit if you don't want to)
  • You'll be able to work at a pace that's right for you so that you can personally absorb and retain all the information you learn
  • You'll be taught by professional instructors who are trained to 'build you up' as a student
  • You'll discover strength and conditioning exercises and MMA drills that UFC fighters use to prepare get in shape for their fights
  • You'll be a part of a proven MMA system that gives you maximum results in minimum time (we are committed to making sure you improve every single time you set foot in our MMA academy)
  • You will transform your body into a kick-butt fighting machine (you'll feel stronger, faster, and better than you ever have before)
  • Our instructors will 'walk you by the hand' and teach you our secrets to MMA success
  • You’ll get our proven MMA training method that can take a total “newbie” and transform you into a bonafied MMA expert
  • You’ll have a variety of classes to choose from (striking, ground, mma, takedowns, beginner, advanced, sparring, no-sparring, technique-only, open mat time, etc.)
  • You will learn physical and mental preparation for the street or in the fight cage
  • You’ll be taught by trainers can not only fight well but more importantly, they will train YOU properly to ensure you get the most out of our MMA program and become a complete fighter (whether you want to compete or not)
  • You’ll work out in a positive atmosphere where you are treated with RESPECT
  • You’ll get help from our professional, courteous staff (we don’t try to intimidate people or show how “tough” we are; we don’t need to; it isn’t about our “ego” anyway – it’s about what we can do for YOU and how we can build you up into the best shape of your life while learning how to fight MMA in the process)
  • You’ll improve your flexibility which helps prevent injury and makes you stronger (you’ll be able to punch hard, kick higher, and be even more dangerous with your ground fighting techniques)
  • You’ll discover how to knock almost anyone out cold (you’ll learn how to strike hard and where to strike for maximum effect)
  • You’ll learn sneaky submission holds that end a fight quickly and efficiently without things getting messy
  • You’ll learn how to fight in “close quarters.” Fact: Close combat fighting skills can save your life (this is especially important for law enforcement and military)
  • You will learn techniques and strategies for self-defense and competition (what's so great about MMA is that it's one of the only martial arts where just about every single technique is something you can use on the street as well)
  • You'll learn chokes, arm locks, leg locks and other ways to finish a fight without have to throw a single punch or kick
  • You'll learn how to throw devastating knockout elbows, knees, punches and kicks that are designed to end fights fast
  • You'll learn takedowns and throws so you can control where you want the fight to end up (you'll learn how to take people down and also how to defend takedowns so you don't get taken down)
  • You'll experience the passion, excitement, team spirit and pride at our school by being a member of our team (whether you want to compete or not)
  • You'll learn what works and what doesn't work in a real fight (and you'll be surprised at what you find out)
  • You'll discover how to quickly take out an opponent on the feet or on the ground (MMA is about being able to control the fight situation whether you're on the feet or on the ground)
  • You will get stronger, tougher, more endurance and stamina (you won't get tired), and on top of that, you'll look and feel a whole lot better

You’ll get exceptional service in all areas. (If you have a question about anything at all, we will answer it. If you have any problems, we’ll solve them. If you need help, we will help you. We are 100% committed to your personal development as a mixed martial arts athlete.)

You’ll learn our systematic training method for creating MMA champions (and even our students who don’t want to fight can rest assured they would do very well if they did)

You will have coaches and instructors who CARE about you and your success (we guarantee that no other school in the area has more caring and passionate instructors)

Absolute Martial Arts
Other "Boxing or Kickboxing Gyms"
World Class Striking: Our kickboxing coaches have been coached and trained extensively for years under world renowned Muay Thai trainer Master Toddy from Thailand and arguably one of the best kickboxing coach of all time. Our coaches have learned from the best and have applied it successfully in their instruction of students in both Muay Thai and Dutch Style Kickboxing.
Mediocre Striking: A lot of the so called MMA gyms have decorated point fighters; however, their striking is often mediocre at best. They spend years and years developing their fake tap and run Karate/ Taekwondo skills, but never really learn how to strike in a live situation which makes them a non-qualified coach ... and then they pass it on to you!
World Class Takedowns: You will find amazing wrestlers and judo practitioners at Absolute Martial Arts. AMA is known for possessing very strong takedowns and our instructors have utilized them against a lot of submission wrestlers! Our AMA staff learned to wrestle from former UFC Champ Pat Miletich, Division I College Wrestlers, Judo Black Belts, and world class wrestlers!
Weak Takedowns: Unfortunately, a lot of grapplers learn their takedowns from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and any educated grappler can tell you that BJJ has weak takedowns. Their skill starts once the fight hits the ground, not before! Their BJJ advanced students begin all their submission matches from their knees! This is a practice only done by beginners at AMA - all of our students with over Six months of training begin from their feet. And if an MMA school does have strong takedowns - sometimes they end up not having good jiu-jitsu ... or bad striking.
World Class Ground Grappling: Our head instructor is a certified Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Master Ricardo Murgel, an 8th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Master Murgel is one of the highest ranks in the world.
Poor Ground Grappling: There are many so called BJJ schools popping up in St Louis or MMA schools that teach poor ground grappling. Be aware of these schools and realize that many of the other BJJ schools in St Louis have white belts and blue belts as their head instructor. At Absolute Martial Arts we would never let an unqualified person teach at our school. With the popularity of the UFC we can only expect this to get worse. BUYER BEWARE!
A Structured Beginner's Only Course: When you start out at AMA, you will be going through a special beginner's only course that lasts about three to six months. In this class, you will be learning from an organized curriculum that balances striking, takedowns, and ground grappling. The classes are designed to work at a pace that beginners can absorb. The beginner's class also takes into account that you may be totally out of shape - one of its principal designs is to get you into good shape and allow you to train harder in the next level.
Thrown to the Wolves: Many martial art programs mix you in with the regular class on your first day! Just think about it... how can someone teach a class of people who have been training for two to three years... and then teach you your first class at the same time? That is like getting a calculus and algebra class in one room and trying to teach both at the same time! Either the advanced guys are missing out or the beginners are missing out'
Student Safety: A common misconception about MMA training is that to learn effective MMA, you have to get into wild and crazy sparring matches. FALSE. At AMA, most of our students have families and jobs and can't afford to leave the gym with black eyes! The grappling and sparring that is done at AMA is done with utmost control and only when you are ready. Your first sparring sessions take place after you graduate from the beginner course and in the beginning you would only be sparring with an instructor or advanced student, so that you can get comfortable. The idea is to train smart and have fun.
Brawling Time!: Many MMA schools have this misconception that the only way to learn how to fight is to put on boxing gloves and swing for the fences! This is not true... and actually can be counter-productive, besides dangerous. Many gyms also lack the technique to spar with control and spar hard to compensate for their lack of technique. Brawling during training proves nothing and only hinders the learning process and injures people. If you really want to brawl, save it for the street or in the cage.
Great Customer Service: Above anything, this is what we take the most pride in. Our goal is to go above and beyond what you would expect from us. We are constantly trying to find new ways to please our students. It is hard to explain this because it is really the little things that makes our customer service stand out... you will notice it just from the way our staff will greet you when you arrive!
Customer Service?: The question mark is more fitting because most martial arts schools don't seem to even know what customer service is! Most schools have NO customer service. Egos, bad attitudes, and insecurities fuel bad customer service.
Clean Facility: Absolute Martial Arts is one of a kind. A 6,800 square foot facility with a large mat area. Plus, we are the cleanest school in St Louis- we disinfect our mats with hospital grade disinfectant. We are one of the only gyms in St Louis that takes mat cleaning seriously .
Inadequate or Dirty and small Facility: For striking, wrestling and grappling - you need high QUALITY mats. Most schools have such small mat areas that you can't even start training on your feet, and even with their small mat area they are never clean... most gyms don't clean them! Some gyms that clean their mats only wipe them down with a wet towel, and without disinfectants! The gym needs to be sanitary for your health.
Personalized Introductory Lesson: At AMA, we initially have you go through a private lesson with one of our certified MMA coaches. They make sure that you have a good understanding of the techniques and moves that are involved in MMA, while going at a comfortable pace for yourself. This also helps you, as a new student, get acclimated into the actual group class.
No Personalized Lesson: Most schools just have you jump into the class and let you fend for yourself in terms of learning the moves. A lot of the MMA gyms and schools out there do not have the patience, nor want to spend the time with new students.
Want more proof? Here you go'
If you're thinking about giving MMA a try, whether you want to compete or not, then this will be the best decision you can make for yourself.

To register for the Free New Student Trial, please do one of two things right now:

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We will answer any additional questions that you may have and schedule a special time with an instructor to work with you.

A big problem many people have who want to start training MMA is that they can't find a quality school to train at. There's just not many good schools out there who are qualified to train people in mixed martial arts fighting. Sure, a lot of schools "say" they're good, or throw a few MMA stickers and posters up on their windows so people might think that, but the reality is that good, quality MMA schools are hard to find.

That's the bad news... the GOOD news is that you live close by to the top MMA schools in your area. And, for a limited time, we're offering a free trial program so you can see if our proven MMA training system meets your needs.

Once you schedule a time that's good for you to come see us, we'll give you a tour of our academy, you'll get a free private introductory lesson and you'll also get a free one-on-one consultation with one of our highly-trained program counselors so we can figure out if we can meet your needs.

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Once you come see us, we have no doubt you'll be blown away with what we can do for you. In fact, we're so confident in our program that we're willing to let you try our program for free. How's that for taking the risk away?